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Space Informatics Lab

The Space Informatics Lab (SIL) has been established in March 2011 by Dr. Tomasz Stepinski at the University of Cincinnati. SIL is located within the Department of Geography. Its research is supported by the UC Space Exploration Research Fund, as well as research grants from NSF and NASA.

SIL develops intelligent algorithms for fast and intuitive exploration of large spatial datasets originating from either remote sensing of Earth and other planets or from extensive on the ground surveys like those provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Without effective tools for exploring and analyzing this big data, the ability of scientific community to get insights from the entirety of the collected data is limited. SIL aims at development of tools which would make intelligent exploration of these vast datasets accessible and intuitive.

SIL Online Tools

LandEx is a content-based query-by-example tool for finding locations having patterns of land cover similar to a user-selected sample. Web-based apllication of LandEx is available to search the United States utilizing the National Land Cover Dataset 2006. Read user guide before using the LandEx for the first time.

DataEye is a Web-based viewer that provides access to spatial datasets developed at SIL, as well as datasets developed by other organizations and available in the public domain. DataEye-USA provides access to data covering the United States. SIL-developed layers include the geomorphons map and the map of pattern-based land cover change.

TerraEx is a content-based query-by-example tool for finding locations having landscapes (patterns of landform elements) similar to a user-selected sample. Web-based application of TerraEx is available to search the country of Poland utilizing the 30 m/cell DEM. Read user guide before using the TerraEx for the first time.

SocScape is a Web-based viewer that visualizes and provides access to high resolution gridded population and racial diversity data derived from the U.S. Censuses 2000 and 1990. Read user guide before using the SocScape for the first time.

Geomorphons App is a Web-based utility that allows users to calculate geomorphons maps from their own DEMs. The app is available online for DEMs in the GeoTiff format having size of less than 100MB and less than 1,500,000 cells.


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