Anna Dmowska

Dr. Anna Dmowska works in the Faculty of Geography at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. She obtained her PhD in 2012 from the Adam Mickiewicz University - the topic of her dissertation was "Spatial and temporal variability of surface water quality in postglacial catchments." She is interested in the application of statistics, data mining and GIS to geographical research. In Poznan she teaches classes in the fields of geoinformatics, geostatistics, spatial analysis, statistics, and geographical information systems. Currently her goals are to develop demographic grids of US Census Bureau data and a content-based search tool for them.

 Current projects:

  • developing high resolution population grids for the entire United States
  • developing racial diversity grids for the entire United States.

Journal papers: 

  • A. Dmowska, T. F. Stepinski, P. Netzel (2017) Comprehensive framework for visualizing and analyzing spatio-temporal dynamics of racial diversity in the entire United States, PLoS ONE 12 (3): e0174993. paper (open access)
  • A. Dmowska and T. F. Stepinski (2017) A high resolution population grid for the conterminous United States: The 2010 edition. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 61, pp. 13-23. paper, preprint
  • A. Dmowska and T. F. Stepinski (2016) Mapping changes in spatial patterns of racial diversity across the entire United States with application to a 1990–2000 period, Applied Geography 68, pp. 1-8 paper
  • A. Dmowska and T.F. Stepinski (2014) High resolution dasymetric model of U.S demographics with application to spatial distribution of racial diversity. Applied Geography 53, pp417-426. paper, preprint.


  • A. Dmowska, T. F. Stepinski, 2017. High-Resolution population grids for the entire conterminous United States. In: Griffith D., Chun Y., Dean D. (eds.) Advances in Geocomputation. Advances in Geographic Information Science. Springer, Cham, pp. 35–46


  • A.Dmowska, T.F. Stepinski, Evolution of Racial Diversity in Newly Built American Housing Subdivisions. European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography (ECTQG 2017), York, UK, 7.09-11.09.2017.
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Published on  August 24th, 2020